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Patient Review by john C

Going to the dentist or Oral Surgeon is horrifying to me. Dr Nadler and his staff have made each experience as comfortable as possible. I go each time now with a ton less anxiety. I would recommend them to anyone wanting the best in care.

- john C

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Patient Review by LINDA D

I was referred to Dr. Nadler by my dentist for Implants and from the time we entered the office until we left we were treated nice and with respect by the Staff and Dr. Nadler. I had teeth pulled and 2 implants and had no pain during the procedure and have had no pain since, infact went to work the NEXT day! I highly recommend Dr. Nadler to anyone needing oral surgery. All the staff was very knowledgeable and professional, besides friendly. GREAT job NGDA! Linda B.


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Patient Review by LINDA B

VERY satisfied with Dr. Nadler and staff from walking in to leaving after implant surgery. Everything went very well and still so as of today. Highly recommend to anyone! Linda B.


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Patient Review by Larry W

After the procedure I had no pain, no swelling, no complications of any kind. Easiest medical surgery I have had. Financially it was very reasonable and follow up care was excellent.

- Larry W

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Patient Review by Jennifer B

Love Dr. Nadler and his staff. They are always willing to work you in if you are willing to sit a spell, as they are very well loved by many. Amanda (and the rest) will take the time to explain the procedure, financial plan, insurance benefits and why or why not to have the procedure. We have been going to Dr. Nadler for over 2 years now and wouldn't change for anything!!

- Jennifer B

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Patient Review by H M

the local office staff and dr is awesome at the Woodstock location. As for the lady you call about your bill at the number at the bottom of your bill not so much friendly and never returns phone calls we have gotten more information and help out of the local office .

- H M

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Patient Review by Dr. James F

On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the highest, I rated my experience a 12. The office staff and dental assistants, medical staff, and Dr. Nadler are competent, effective, efficient, and patient-friendly. Highest rating for a dental experience in my life! Highly recommend. Dr. Jim

- Dr. James F

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Patient Review by Bonnie P

My experience in this office was excellent. The Office Staff was friendly and efficient. My nurse was exceptionally helpful in calming me before the surgery and the pain after surgery was minimal. All of this puts Dr. Nadler in my highest category. Thank you!

- Bonnie P

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Patient Review by Judy A

This office is exceptional! I have never been in an office that is so courteous and proficient. I called with my problem, they had me come in and I wasn't there 5 minutes until they came to get me. They did a consult and surgery in the same day at the same time to alleviate my pain. As I was watching others come and go, it was noticeable that they were genuine in the fact that they really cared about the wellbeing of their patients. That was more evident the following day when the office called to check on me to see how I was doing. Their customer service is above and beyond anything that I have experienced in any medical office. I am recommending this office to everyone!

- Judy A

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Patient Review by Mandy M

I have read other reviews about the wait. If they were worked in Iike I was the staff informs several times you will wait because they have to see patients that have scheduled appointments first. I was even handed a form that stated they will see me same day but, I will wait. The staff and the Doctor gave outstanding care. I would highly recommend this office to friends and family.

- Mandy M

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